About us

FCN is a Queensland based family owned and operated business. We are proud to deliver whole of Supply Chain Solutions by utilising our teams decades of experience in Logistics and Warehousing and combining it with leading tech solutions we assist your business with effective Local, National and International Supply Chain Options.

FCN operate our own fleet of late model trucks, trailers and ancillary equipment. Your safety and ours is the highest priority and FCN operates under NHVR, with strict compliance to COR (Chain of Responsibility) and WH&S. Ensuring your products are handled and transported with the greatest care.

FCN are proud to apply their experience in the Supply Chain fields to your business’s logistical needs and see your business succeed and grow with us!

We believe in a transport, warehousing and distribution business built on the principles of reliability, consistency, and no fuss

Our Goals

Our goal is to develop smart solutions for our customers through:

  1. Focused relationship management, we listen to our customers
  2. Tailored engagement models, ours are bespoke and are not a cookie cutter approach
  3. Genuinely improving our customers’ internal and external customer service capability
  4. The realisation of inventory reduction opportunities through supply chain visibility, and
  5. Delivering additional savings by assisting to streamline accounts payable and other back office processes

FCN serves a range of markets including rendering, fresh food, food ingredients, animal feed, pet food and civil construction markets with warehousing, repackaging (bulk to bags, bags to bulk etc.) and container, refrigerated, scheduled linehaul, bulk liquids and pneumatic ISO tank transport services.

Our Approach

Our bespoke solutions, multichannel access and engagement are based on a task driven scale of offers – it is not a ‘one size fits all’ model.  Either end of the spectrum are:

  • Low volume and simple transaction models, ideally:
    • Self Service
    • Online bookings and web-based event reporting
    • Simple engagement model
  • High volume and complex transaction models
    • Often complex relationship-based engagement
    • Engagement models extend from no tech thru to full electronic data exchange
      • Success in ‘full tech’ project requires all parties to be willing and able
      • FCN has key and transferable relationship and data management, interface and integration skills in house

Our approach is to consider the needs of:

  • Our paying customer
  • Their suppliers and customers
  • Our tailored solutions aimed at supply chain strategy and technology sophistication of each party at any point in time.  Invariably levels of sophistication are accretive over time.
    • Supply chain strategy which incorporates FOB purchasing terms offers optimum supply chain visibility

Solutions range from ‘hi tech’ to ‘low tech’ and any point on that scale

Our Culture

It’s our belief that an organisation wide approach to culture and values are prerequisites for:

  • Fostering and maintaining a sustainably safe and compliant working environment
    • An environment which focused on smart safe solutions not ‘cut and paste’ solutions
  • Providing innovative high performing and value adding service delivery outcomes to our customers
  • Being recognised as good employers
  • Developing and maintaining a community culture
  • Being good customers to our suppliers

A leading indicator of how well we are embracing FCN Values is customer feedback.  Informative and immediate feedback from our customers is critical as means of understanding our performance. Timely feedback allows us to manage company and individual performance to the standards set by our values.

Our Values

We value and expect:

Integrity: Act with honesty and accept accountability for our decisions and service outcomes

Teamwork: Communicate openly and have respect for each and every individual on the team

Resourcefulness: Work together to develop solutions which meet the needs of our customers

Caring: Embrace a duty of care for our staff, our customers and communities (including public roads) in which we operate

Innovation: Lead out industry by developing and adopting new technologies and safety measures

Passion: Be proud, enthusiastic, patriotic, and dedicated in everything we do

Safety: Lead by actions that show we are leaders in safety culture and behaviours that eliminate risk of injury or illness to the lowest practicable level for everyone